SLOVAK NEWS on Internet

English TASR Daily News - Releases from Slovak News Agency.
Central Europe Online - Slovakia Section - On-line reporsts (in English) on Slovakia.
The Slovak Spectator - English Bi-weekly, pub. every second
 Slovakia Online - News and Multimedia magazine on Slovakia.
Slovakia journal - English magazine about Slovakia

Slovenske Radio
Radio TWIST daily news - RealAudio news feeds from Slovakia.
Radio TWIST daily news - RealAudio news from Slovakia via USA.
Radio TWIST daily news - via FTP from Canada.

Slovak related WWW Sites in North America
Slovak Genealogy Research- Great place to searching for ones acestors
 Slovak & Czech Yellow Pages

Slovak & Czech Translation Services
The Slovak Heritage and Cultural Society of British Columbia - Info on Heriate newsletter and videos.
US Official sources on SlovakiaSlovakia - CIA World Factbook'94
U.S. Department of State - The Slovak Republic Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1996
City.Net about Slovakia - Travel information (in English) on Slovakia
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Russian and East European Studies.
 Archives of Czech and Slovaks Abroad - Slavic and East European Collection at the U of C Library
Town of Esterhazy - one of the first Slovak settlement in Canada.
Historical Maps of Central and Eastern Europe - Historical maps from the 19th Century.
Slovak related WWW Sites in Slovakia
Matica Slovenska - MS server including the National Library in Slovakia
W3.BOX.SK - Exciting Slovak WEB site specializing in links to both Slovak and Czech republic
High Tatra mountains/ Vysoke Tatry - Slovakia
 SANET - Slovak Internet Network
 WWW Servers in Slovakia
- Up to date list of Web Servers in Slovakia.
Budyk - Journal of students of the L. Stur Gymnasium in Zvolen (in Slovak).
- Newsmagazine from Univ. Komenskeho (in Slovak).
 ACTA MATHEMATICA - Research articles mathematics (in English).
 CERRO:- The Central European Regional Research Organization gopher site.
Welcome to Slovakia (TU Zvolen).
 Slovakia Home Page (TU Zvolen).

Slovakia Resources List (TU Zvolen).
 List of WWW Servers in Slovakia
- From (UAKOM) Banska Bystrica.
Computer Center Comenius University - Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
 Department of Radio Physics home page
- Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
 Slovakia Cave Server
- Slovakia Cave Server presents a information about caves and cavers
Constitution of the Slovak Republic - Full english text of the Constituion of the Slovak Republic.
Military Academy in Liptovsky Mikulas - Details of Military Academy in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia.
Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice - WWW Central Server.
Slovak Sports Services on Internet
Slovak HockeyWWW Page
Slovak Football Page - a site devoted to Slovak football (soccer).
Slovak Photographic Representatons of Slovakia
Photo-report of Slovak National Uprising. - Banska Bystrica 1994.
Slovak Republic Photo Library - Historic photographs from Slovakia.
Statistical and Info on Slovakia
Slovak Frequently Asked Questions - General info about the Slovakia.
Canadian Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Canadian Slovak trade statistics.
 CIDA and Slovakia - Canadian International Development Agency
Doing Business in Slovkia - Business people willing to develop business activities in Slovakia.
Bratislava long range (5 Day) weather forcast - USA TODAY Long range forcast for Bratislava.
Weather forcast in Bratislava - Todays weather forecast for weather conditions in Bratislava.
Slovak NEWS Groups on Internet
SLOVAK-L Mailing List - Discussion group for Slovaks
 Newsgroup: Soc.Culture.Czecho-Slovak
- Has Slovak content.
List of Newsgroups in Slovakia - Zoznam diskusných skupín
Slovak Embassys on Internet
Slovak Embassy in Australia - Important info for Australians traveling to Slovakia.
Slovak Embassy in Canada- Important info for Canadians traveling to Slovakia.
Slovak Embassy in Israel- Information on Slovak Embassy in Israel..
Slovak Embassy in USA- Information on Slovak Embassy in USA..
General Informaton on Slovakia
 Travel to Slovakia - A tourist infomation overview by IWTG Tour Operators.
Slovak Libraries - A list of Slovak Libraries accesable through Internet (Telnet).
Currency Converter - Currency converter for trip planning to Slovakia
Dvorak Society for Czech and Slovak Music

Slovak English Dictionaries
 English - Slovak on-line Dictionary on NAPRI server
Slovak - English/Slovak English on-line Dictionary on Isternet server (need Win1250)

Other ....
Sachas Slovak recepies - for those who want to cook slovak food specialties.


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