SCIC activities and events in 1997

SCIC in the news - SR Feb. 28, 1997
SCIC in the news - SR March 19, 1997

Easter Around the World as organized by Slovak Canadian National Council with support of SCIC.
Svetovy rok Slovakov - World Year of Slovaks and SCIC
Summer Course of Slovak language at Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
International Childrens Camp in Slovakia - Camp is organized by Matica Slovensk and Dom zahranicnich Slovakov and runs from July 1 - 27, 1997.
Na Zemi i Nad Morom by Milan Jakubec - book launching party May 21, 1997
St. Catherines, Ontario celebrates Slovak Day with help from SCIC.
2nd Anniversary of SCIC, Nov. 8, 1998.

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