SCIC Mandate and Mission Statement

The Slovak Cultural and Information Centre is a Canadian non-profit organization which was established on November 4, 1995 by Matica Slovenska Foundation from Slovak Republic.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to serve the cultural and information needs of Slovaks and other Canadians. In the words of the President of Matica Slovenska, Ing. Jozef Markus, "it is up to each centre to find its place in the community it serves". There are two binding fundamentals which SCIC is expected to uphold:

  • to provide accurate and relevant information to Slovaks and Canadians about the Slovak Republic

  • to act as a liaison in cultural matters between the local community and the Slovak Republic

Information Available at the Centre

The primary objective of the SCIC is to provide information about the Slovak Republic to both Slovaks and other Canadians. The information for this service will be provided by Matica Slovenska Foundation, Slovak Information Agency and other organizations in Slovak Republic.

SCIC is a user of Internet from which we get information on daily Slovak news events. In addition we have our own home WEB page on, where all possible centre information is presented. SCIC is therefore one of the first organization outside of Slovak Republic, which dispenses information about Canadian Slovak community and about Slovak Republic on the Internet.

It is creating its own database of information and own its own library, which is to serve its users seeking information and documentation about Slovaks or Slovakia, its history, cultural traditions, tourism and economy. We request that all interested parties who wish to help, advise or donate to our information base, to personally visit the centre or contact us on the enclosed telephone or fax telephone number.

The current mandate of the centre does not allow us to help Slovaks living in Slovakia on Canadian matters.

The SCIC and Cultural Matters

The centre supports cultural activities within the Slovak community, with an objective to preserving and expanding Slovak awareness. In order to achieve this objective, it works closely with existing Canadian Slovak organizations.

The centre organizes and supports cultural events, film festivals, annual balls, and art exhibits in co-operation with Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic, Matica Slovenska, Slovak galleries and museums and other Slovak cultural organizations.


SCIC accepts individuals as members. Each potential member writes out an application form, which is ratified by the Board of Directors at which time they become a member of SCIC as well as member of Matica Slovenska in Slovakia. There is no age limit on membership. There is a yearly membership fee for each member.

Our Location

The address is:
Slovak Cultural and Information Centre
12 Birch Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1C4

We are conveniently located in central Toronto, just north of the major intersection of Yonge and Bloor, easily reachable either by car or even more conveniently by subway, just 50 meters from the Summerhill stop on the Yonge subway line.

Reaching Us

Our public visitors are from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Visiting SCIC can be arranged outside of the above visiting hours by calling (416) 925-0008 or fax (416) 925-0009. We are operating a 24 hour voice mail system that allows for detailed messages to be left even when the office is closed. We can also be reached by Internet at e-mail address: .

Board of Directors of the Centre

The board of directors is composed of the following individuals in alphabetical order:

DVORSKY, Margaret MIHAL, Ondro
STAVINA, Anna STEPHENS, John V. (legal counsel)

For further information.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call Ondro Mihal at:
Tel: 416-925-0008
Fax: 416-925-0009 e-mail:

Ver:April 24, 1996

We would like to present the board of directors of the SCIC who finally had enough time to sit in front of the camera at the official opening on November 4, 1995, which was attended by both guests from Slovakia (seated Mr. J. Markus) and Canadian Slovak community.

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